Renovation of 36 years old Whirlpool

Our company was approached by the architect to see if we were able to offer a solution for the renovation of the public whirlpool in Earl-Mah Aquatic Center in Prince Rupert, BC. 

The original hot tub was built in 1982, and before its closure, the leakage was almost equal to the inflow of the pool. 


The original idea was demolishing the pool and building a new one from scratch.

However, this solution was found not possible since the building was constructed on pillars, the demolition would create a void in the floor that could potentially impair the structure of the building. 


Stainless steel was the ideal solution for this project because of its flexibility, low weight and no need for extended demolition.


Our team designed a whirlpool that copied the original shape. The pool was installed over the top of the original concrete tub, and only the space between the pool and mechanical room was demolished. This was due to the necessity of creating a space for the piping.

The new whirlpool was completed in 3 weeks with a total of 1 month including the installation of the mechanical system, and paving provided by subcontractors.

New whirlpool includes:

  • 14 massage seats with
  1. combinations of leg and back hydromassage jets (10x 2x1m3/h (8x back and 2x legs) and 6x 1x8m3/h - water)
  2. air bubbling massage in benches (14x25 m3/h - air)
  • 2x floor bubblers (2x 70m3/h - air)
  • 2x suction drains
  • 1x flood valve
  • 2x stainless steel Skimmers
  • 3x RGB LED lights
  • 3x headrests

The same procedure applies to the reconstruction of swimming pools of any size and shape. This greatly reduces construction costs and eliminates the risk of impairing the building structure.

If you would like to see the renovation process of large aquatic facilities, read this blog post.

Do you consider the renovation of your current swimming pool or aquatic facility? No project is too small or too big for us!

Contact us today, and let’s begin discussing your future renovation.

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