We also offer luxurious stainless steel drop-in hot tubs and cold plunge pools for your backyard. Like the custom pools and hot tubs, the drop-in whirlpools are made of Scandinavian 316L stainless steel, including the fittings and piping. All units are entirely welded with a TIG method to preserve a lifetime lifespan.

Download our catalogue with price lists of the available drop-in units below.

WHP and cold plunge pool units
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Whirlpools and massage pools are being used for thermotherapeutic body massage.

Recommended is a circular shape of whirlpool but it is also possible to deliver straight walls design. They are mostly designed for seating, larger whirlpools can be equipped with loungers.

It is possible to choose an optimized power nozzle types with an ergonomic layout for each massage place. 

Due to stainless delicate design of these pools, massage jets can provide higher power load than other similar products on the hot tub market.

Optimal water temperature is from 33 °C to 36 °C.

Some hot tubs, or their parts are protected by utility models, patents and industrial designs.