Stainless steel has long been known and proven in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. Architecture has discovered it as an important and modern design material.

Berndorf Bäderbau has been working with stainless steel for decades, and has achieved a leading position in a pool industry in the European market.


Stainless steel is practically indestructible. This material withstands any weather conditions. Its seamless surface meets the highest hygiene standards, and the stainless steel tank is literally maintenance-free. Forget about leakage, maintenance and all other headaches you face with conventional pools. Simply enjoy your time in, and around the pool.

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What makes stainless steel pools so special?

  • Best value for money ratio, because of: 
  1. Unlimited lifespan
  2. Lowest maintenance costs
  3. Lowest operating costs
  4. Lowest cleaning costs
  • Absolutely no leakage
  • No frost damage
  • Best hygienic conditions, benchmark tested
  • Modern, stylish, luxurious design
  • Easily modify with attractions and accessories
  • Shortest lead time from order to delivery and installation, due to fabrication at manufacturer, not on site
  • The self-supported structure is ready for use even before the pit is filled
  • No bleaching, colourless, completely UV-resistant

... and many more advantages. See for yourself - we shall be happy to advise you!