The invention of stainless steel, since its discovery in 1913, changed the view of utility properties of this metal material as the generations before knew it. Properties of the new material became important also for use in the construction of stainless steel pools area.
More than 40 years experience in the construction of stainless steel swimming pools allowed Berndorf Bäderbau to develop special construction technology. This technology enables flexibly adapt various shapes of pools to ideas of designers and architects.

Final assembly of the pools is realized from pre-manufactured prefabricated components, installation work directly on the site is minimalized and installation takes place very quickly. 

Construction of stainless steel pools

Construction of pools made of stainless steel consists of prefabricated parts of the pool walls (including overflow gutters) of length up to 5 m. These parts are due to the use of vertical stiffening ribs along the whole depth of the pool wall bending-resistant. The side walls are anchored into reinforced concrete base.

By the pool depth of more than 2.2 m the mixed construction is recommended in which from the depth of 1.2 m to the bottom of the pool the backing concrete tub is built. 

Construction of new pools

Parts of the side walls are usually anchored into the retaining wall through the reinforced upper layer of concrete. For small or indoor pools the foundation slab of the building serves for anchoring the pool walls as a plain. In this case the wall parts can be anchored into the reinforced concrete or by stiffening ribs.
The horizontal forces acting on the wall of the pool caused by the weight of water in a filled state or the pressure of the soil of dusting the pool wall, are boosted through the form of oblique steel struts.

During the construction of new indoor pools are horizontal forces, which act on the pool walls caused by the weight of water in filled pool, anchored directly to concrete foundation around the pool by fixing elements on the overflow trough. 

Reconstruction of old pools

Installation of stainless steel pool can be in some cases simplified to lining the walls of the original pool. Depending on the condition of existing pool construction the designer determines the optimal use and possible load. They design the optimal way of the new steel construction inbuilt together with our specialists.
To the carrier substrate of the bottom, which is usually built in the form of a gravel bed with an upper layer of sand is possible to anchore necessary inlet pipes and systems easily. Specially patented system for the inflow of clean water in the form of bottom channels with corresponding inflow openings form the integrated part of the pool bottom.
The bottom of the pool is finally closed by placing the stainless steel bottom plates and then welded. The pool is then closed and creates a hermetic container. Bottom plates are in production equipped with embossed 3D nodules which creates in compliance with European standards safety non-slip surface.
The final operation is a swimming pool attractions inbuild such as stairs, seating benches, loungers, ladders in niches, etc. These are usually welded into the parts of the walls already in production.

A large number of underwater spotlights, massage jets and a various sucking and inlet devices are tightly welded in the factory and then subjected to a tightness test. These components can then be assembled directly on the site.