We get together Canadian customers with European perfection and craftsmanship. If you are looking for something different than the conventional pool industry offers, our stainless steel swimming pools and hot tubs are the right choices for you.


STAINLESS STEEL POOL & SPA is the exclusive partner of BERNDORF BÄDERBAU in Canada. We offer you a chance to bring your dreams to life. Stainless steel is the future of worldwide swimming pool industry. Europe has established this trend, Asia has also been utilizing it and the time is now for North America... 


The company BERNDORF BÄDERBAU s.r.o. from the Czech Republic, established in 2000, is a subsidiary of Berndorf Bäderbau GmbH Austria, which is a part of the Berndorf AG Group. 

Years of experience with concept design and construction of luxury stainless steel swimming pools and aquatic complexes, go back to 1960 and ranks Berndorf Bäderbau group at the top of European manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel pools. Up to now, more than 8000 projects have been implemented not only in Europe but also in other destinations in the world such as Russia, Dubai, New Zealand or the Caribbean.


Currently, there are two manufacturies. One in the Czech Republic and one in Austria, which provide concept design, technical processing and further manufacture and assembly of stainless steel pool elements.  Obviously, they also supply equipment, a variety of attractions including water treatment technologies and construction activities.

Both groups have their own defined markets and their annual turnover makes more than EUR 40 million.