Kneipp Paths

Kneipp paths belonged earlier exclusively to the public spa centres, especially for treating asthmatic diseases and strengthening the internal body’s immune system.

Kneipp therapy has a positive effect on legs and the whole body, strengthens and increases immunity. Walking in water can evoke a pleasant feeling like walking in wet grass and on wet stones.

The effect of therapy is supported by rocky bottom’s acupressure or 3D nodules in the floor.

Treading water supports venous and arterial blood circulation. Along with the movement of muscles also helps to prevent varicose veins.

Taking therapy in the evening hours is appropriate to promote better sleep. Communal and hotel wellness and often private persons are equipped with Kneipp path nowadays as a complement to private pools and saunas.

Operating temperature – hot water: 35-42 °C

Operating temperature – cold water: 10-15 °C

Recommended length of stay: 1 cycle about 4 x 1 min., both feet in the bath with the same temperature.