Overflow vs Skimmer Pools

The pool with overflow creates a sense of luxury and excellence thanks to its technological and design solutions, compared to simpler types of pools, such as pools with Skimmer.

Although it is generally known that overflow pools are the right choice for hygiene, design and maintenance, there are still about 80% of all residential pools in Canada Skimmer type. Why is it?


Reasons may be different, as a limited budget, the pool builder does not offer you the possibility of overflow pool or simply an architect or customer is not well informed. And that's a shame because the overflow pool offers much more advantages than Skimmer pool.


Before you decide which pool to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I afford a higher investment in the pool?
  • Is my mechanical room large enough for placing a surge tank?
  • Is my mechanical room located below the pool level? If not, the additional water pump should be used to drain water from the gutter to the surge tank.
  • Do I want my pool to be the centrepiece of my house?

If you have a positive answer to all of these questions, the overflow pool is the right choice for you.

Why should I decide on the stainless steel overflow pool?

  • a luxurious design, when the water level extends to the top edge of the pool
  • the possibility of combining with the infinity edge, when the feeling of luxury is getting bigger
  • 100% recirculation of water in the pool, where both water and a small particulars of dirt along the entire perimeter of the pool are drained through an overflow gutter into a surge tank that is an integral part of the filtration technology
  • thanks to our patented hydraulic self-cleaning system, pool maintenance is reduced to the minimum

A stainless steel pool with overflow gutter, for example with a convenient location on the suspended terrace, offers a splendid panoramic and unobstructed view of the surroundings of the garden.

If you don’t like the look of the PVC grates, you can choose another cover to fit the appearance of the surroundings, such as river stones, tiles, wooden or stainless steel grates.



If you are limited by a budget or if you don’t have enough room to place the surge tank, the Skimmer pool is the solution.

But if you prefer luxury, absolute hygiene, minimal maintenance and want your pool to be the centrepiece of your home, the overflow pool is the right decision.e

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    I'm looking for a team for make a swimming pool and 3 water body with fountains

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    I'm looking for a team for making a swimming pool and 3 water bodies with fountains 12X40 FEET OR STANDARD SIZE. one in the image in the website