Public stainless steel pool with a lifting floor

A 25 x 10 m stainless steel swimming pool with a maximum depth of 170 cm has a unique lifting floor that occupies 1/3 of the pool area. The lifting floor can be set to any depth according to the current track of visitors. For example, swimming lessons can be set to 60 cm below the water level. The water temperature in the pool is 28 °C, the pool also includes heated benches, and next to the pool is also a tepidarium (warm room). The swimming pool contains a tribune used by spectators, especially during swimming competitions.


Technical specifications 

Input power: 2x 380 V/16 A

Stroke range: 0,09 - 1,7 m

Stroke speed: up to 420 mm/min

Depth of the pool under the moving part: 2,05 m

Maximum load capacity: 63 kg/m2

Maximum number of people: 33/100 m2

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